9 Replies to “Imagination as the Topographical Inversion of Reality”

  1. My goodness Becca, you forever evade me, as soon as a part of me feels as though it understands your personality, you flower anything something else.

    ‘But somehow when I end up at the edge of time it’s like this kind of speckly red light in an eternal sphere on the outside. There’s definitely a redness to it.’

    Wow! That was pretty deep. The whole talk in fact. Oh what joy to behold the crimson of the beginning and end, the alpha and omega.

    Had a dream of you and Matt the other night. You guys were having a spiritual retreat at your home. We all bonded. Even Matt and I were able to see eye to eye. Now I get to see you guys in your element. It’s all so surreal, but in a good way.

    Looking forward to the ‘whole shebang’ or ‘something like that’. =)

  2. Good to see you, friend. I am glad that you always find an opportunity to weave the wisdom of the Lord of the Rings into your message 😀 “He that breaks a thing to find out what it is has left the path of wisdom.” – deep.  The universe is the living imagination of an infinitely creative God at work and we can only truly understand it by participation.

    „The Active Imagination is essentially the organ of theophanies, because it is the organ of Creation and because Creation is essentially theophany. The Divine Being is a Creator because He wished to know Himself in beings who know Him; thus the Imagination cannot be characterized as „illusory“ because it is the organ and substance of this auto-revelation. Our manifest being is (!) the divine Imagination; our own Imagination is Imagination in His Imagination.“ ~ Henry Corbin, Creative Imagination in the Sufism of Ibn Arabi

    In other words: All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream 🙂 If we understand that, then we can become conscious dreamers.

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