The Whole Shebang: Imagination Between Mind and Nature

Although Matt Segall and I started our conversation at our local lake this Saturday afternoon, we found the wind and other sounds to be too intruding in the recording—thus, we came back home to continue our dialogue on imagination, mind, and nature.

5 Replies to “The Whole Shebang: Imagination Between Mind and Nature”

  1. So nice to hear such a relaxed tone of conversing between the two of you…
    discussing such profound material with minds so open and receptive, with voices so authoritative yet so gentle… Fascinating and wonderful…

    I listened to this on some nice open-backed headphones… really nice sound quality, thank you 🤗 Even the stereo field of the audio took on a neat symbolism, with Becca on the right side of the frame but on the left side of the audio, and Matt vice versa… mirroring each other’s articulated thoughts… visuals as the camera sees but with audio as if I was the microphone between you looking back at the camera…

    Anyway, I really enjoyed it. thank you to you both 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for these beautiful, warm comments and for your attention to the detail of the sound and the visuals! I’m so glad all of this came through, and even took on more than was consciously intended.

  2. The age of materialism is over 🙂 The dawn of a new era is now upon us. We stand on the threshold of a new spiritual epoch and revolution in consciousness. Blessed are those who open their hearts to the songs of the new age! Ken Wilber said in one of his lectures:

    „This is a truly historic moment and of the fife major transformations of human history this is now the sixth. Something very, very, very profound is going on and you are caught up in it for reasons that I don‘t think you or I or anybody really understands […] something special is unfolding in you. And how to come to terms with that specialness can be a truly delicate and difficult situation […] it makes you one of less than 5% of the world’s population that is dramatically evolved […] there should be a kind of divine pride in the fact that you were tapped on the shoulder to be part of this extraordinary unfolding […] You truly literally are at the leading edge of evolution unfolding. Evolution becoming aware of itself.“

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