Astrological Counseling

“The stars are like letters which inscribe themselves at every moment in the sky . . . . Everything in the world is full of signs. . . . All events are coordinated. . . . All things depend on each other; as has been said, ‘Everything breathes together.’”
– Plotinus

Archetypal Prism Astrological Counseling

As part of my work, I offer archetypal astrology readings of natal charts and personal transits. For those who are interested please visit my website Archetypal Prism. The archetypal perspective has been a continual presence throughout my life, and I have been working intensively with astrology since 2010. The form of astrology I practice is known as Archetypal Cosmology and focuses primarily on the geometrical relationships between the planetary bodies of our solar system.

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I offer astrological consultations that explore both the natal chart—the position of the planets at the moment of one’s birth—as well as personal transits—the relationships formed between the continuous movements of the planets and the natal chart. My approach is to be in engaged dialogue with the client, learning your story and perspective, first through a questionnaire and then in the space of the session itself. I welcome questions and conversation, and create a therapeutic learning environment for the client.

If you are interested in having an astrological consultation with me, please visit my website and proceed to my session booking page.

It would be an honor to explore the cosmos with you,

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