Transits for the Scorpio-Sagittarius Lunation

Transits of the Scorpio-Sagittarius Lunation

*November 14 @ 9:07 pm PT* The New Moon in Scorpio forms a sextile to the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction, highlighting great ambitions, the impulse to strive for excellence, for high achievement, for power and influence. Seeds planted in such rich soil may grow to extraordinary heights, but growth without integrity will ultimately lead to an untimely withering and a fall of the crowning flower. Strive for the sunlight, but stay connected to the deep roots that nourish as well.

*November 15 @ 11:43 am PT* Venus in Libra perfects its square to Pluto in Capricorn in the morning, and then Jupiter in Capricorn in the late evening. The heart beats with warmth and intensity, with growth and transmutation. Whether through drama or depth, disturbance or surrender, relationships are called to stretch and transform, to encompass both light and shadow in their movement towards wholeness.

*November 17 @ 12:07 am PT* Mercury in Scorpio opposes Uranus in Taurus for the third time this season, sparking new insights and revelations, bringing to the light of the mind’s eye realizations that may have been passed over during the previous two oppositions.  

*November 19 @ 8:30 am PT* The waxing crescent Moon opens the next phase of the lunation cycle as the Sun in Scorpio forms a sextile with both the Moon and Saturn in Capricorn, and Venus in Libra squares Saturn as well. The desire may arise to withdraw emotionally into a safe relational container, protecting the heart, and holding one’s feelings with tender maturity.

*November 21 @ 8:45 pm PT* The waxing quarter Moon in early Pisces occurs the same day as the Sun alights in Sagittarius and Venus descends into Scorpio. The call to mutate, shed, deepen, sensitize, feel, soften, and open, all initiate the season of late autumnal adventure. Amethyst mist clings to twilight spiderwebs, and the light dwindles into piercing beams of subtle warmth.  

*November 23 @ 8:40 pm PT* Mercury in Scorpio trines Neptune in Pisces, dissolving the mind into the eternal wellspring of images that upwells from the ceaseless celestial seas of the dreamworld.

*November 26 @ 7:43 pm PT* The Moon ingresses into Taurus, the sign of her exaltation, after spending the day squaring the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto stellium in Capricorn. Complex emotional dynamics arise, dramatic feelings, over-stimulation, isolation, the need to withdraw and the need to feel connected. The evening may bring an unexpected softness, an opening to heart’s contentment.

*November 27 @ 9:11 am PT* Mercury in Scorpio forms a sextile to Pluto, while Venus in the same sign opposes Uranus in Taurus. Deep and meaningful conversations awaken the heart to new desires and attractions, a dazzling sparkle of fireworks alighting from heart to heart, and mind to mind.

*November 28 @ 4:36 pm PT* Neptune in Pisces swims direct after spending half the year retrograde, now joining all the planets except Uranus in their forward orbital journey through the solar system. Mercury in Scorpio also forms a sextile to Jupiter, broadening the intellect to encompass new philosophical perspectives and birth grand ideas from the realm of potentia.

*November 30 @ 1:30 am PT* The Full Moon initiates eclipse season with a Lunar Eclipse on the Sagittarius-Gemini axis, while Mercury in Scorpio sextiles Saturn in Capricorn. Pivotal conversations may transmute the unfolding of destinies, opening unseen possibilities and whispered potentials, while also narrowing the focus on what realities can actually be manifested.

*December 1 @ 11:51 am PT* Mercury leaps into Sagittarius, and the tongue of the storyteller tells long tales of grandeur and adventure, exaggerating the successes and downplaying the failures, weaving a narrative of high achievement and abundant celebration.

*December 5 @ 8:53 pm PT* Venus in Scorpio trines Neptune in Pisces, while sirens sing and mermaids swoon, and gentle butterflies alight on the heart of the enchanted lover who has fallen in love with a dream.

*December 7 @ 4:37 pm PT* The waning quarter Moon in Virgo squares the Sun in Sagittarius, bringing in the harvest of the lunation and separating the wheat from the chaff to see how much abundance really came to fruition.

*December 9 @ 11:41 am PT* The Sun in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces, pouring symbolic waters in the soul of being, the fountain of self overflowing and saturating the cosmos with idealized visions and fantasies. The world becomes a scrying mirror, and the reflections echo from eternity to the heavens in a single moment of infinite concrescence.

*December 10 @ 3:52 am PT* Venus in Scorpio sextiles Pluto in Capricorn at the start of the day, and the Sun in Sagittarius trines Mars in Aries at day’s end. Morning dawns with deep passion, the rich auras of the world coloring the potency of existence, before the warrior steps forth with fire and certainty, the heroic sword in hand catching gleams of the setting Sun.

*December 13 @ 3:38 am PT* Mercury in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces, drawing the veils of illusion across the rational intellect, gossamer potentials trilling in mental waterfalls off cliffs of rationality and into pools of unreason.

*December 14 @ 8:17 am PT* The New Moon in Sagittarius is a potent Solar Eclipse, occurring on the same day as Venus in Scorpio sextiles Jupiter in Capricorn, and Mercury in Sagittarius trines Mars in Aries. Moon and Sun conjoin in their sacred marriage, renewing their vows in daylight darkness, expanding their love to new heights, and igniting the noosphere with the fire of passion.

Scorpio New Moon Workshop

Ouroboros Monthly Forecast

Continuing with the Scorpio New Moon, I am offering the next monthly astrology workshop through Ouroboros, our local Nevada City magical arts studio. The workshop will be held online, and all who wish to attend are welcome to join! We will focus on the astrological transits for the month ahead, closing out the final lunation of autumn.

For those who would like to review the transits from last month, the recording of the previous workshop is available here: Libra New Moon Workshop.

Saturday, November 14th, 4:00–5:30 pm Pacific time

This monthly workshop with archetypal astrologer Becca Tarnas offers an astrological forecast of the lunation cycle ahead, continuing with the New Moon in Scorpio. Learn the meanings of the planets, aspects, and zodiacal signs, and how to navigate the archetypal energies of the month ahead. Participants will gain a basic foundation in archetypal astrology, and leave with an understanding of the astrological conditions of the next month, and how best to integrate this knowledge into their everyday lives. All levels of astrological knowledge are welcome!

For those unable to attend live the video is now available of the workshop!

Suggested donation of $10–15 via PayPal:
**Please Note “Becca” and click family & friends**
No one will be turned away from lack of funds.

Sweet Sunset

Have you ever done yoga while a sheet of rain obliterates all visibility of the world around you? Or tasted drinking chocolate so rich and spicy that you would swear you are holding a melted bar of pure chocolate in the cup before you—or somehow been transported to the seductive marble counter of Vianne Rocher’s French-Mayan Chocolaterie? Or sat in a hot bath with crimson and peach rose petals strewn over the surface, the scents of jasmine and ylang ylang spiraling with the steam towards the ceiling, while bells toll the hour softly out the open window? This is just a taste of the joys I had the great privilege to experience in the second half of my visit to New Mexico, a week I am now looking back on with awe and gratitude for the level of both bliss and adventure I was able to experience.

Photo by Becca Tarnas

On the afternoon of the day I wrote my last post, I went with the friend I was staying with to pay a visit to an acquaintance of hers who is now a retired harp maker. His business was called Harps of Lorién, so I had a good feeling we would get along well. He had only kept two of his harps for himself—the last ones he made—and I had the great joy of being able to play them for a little while. The larger of the two harps had just under five octaves; a beautiful creation with a rich sound, especially in the upper register. The other harp was a lovely little lap harp with 27 strings, the kind I could easily imagine myself carrying on my back on some mythical adventure. Playing them I was reminded of a trilogy I recently read that a friend recommended to me: Riddle-Master by Patricia McKillip. The series is composed of three books, The Riddle-Master of HedHeir of Sea and Fire, and Harpist in the Wind. As one can imagine from the final book title, harps play a significant role in the unfolding of this story.

From harps we moved on to chocolate, a transition no one I know could complain of. I was brought to the Kakáwa Chocolate House where we were greeted with an extensive menu of both European and Meso-American drinking chocolates. After tasting several different samples I settled on the Chile Chocolate, which was made of 100% chocolate, coconut sugar, chile, and Mexican vanilla. The thick liquid was both sweet and spicy, rich and rounded, calming and awakening. It was, to say the least, amazing. Truly an extravagance.

Photo by Becca Tarnas
Photo by Becca Tarnas

Our evening plans brought us into central Santa Fe where we had dinner at a restaurant called Blue Corn, followed by drinks at a nearby bar called Thunderbird. My astrological twin and I, of course, ordered the same drink, a cocktail of vodka and crisp pear. Our parallels no longer surprised us, especially when it was something as simple as choosing a drink, or wearing identical socks or pants. Our differences were becoming far more interesting to discover and explore.

The following day, Sunday, my friend and I went back to the land in Glorietta to hike around the area where she and her partner are building their home. The day was cooler than when we were up there on July 4th, or perhaps I was just becoming acclimated to the altitude and desert sun. Clouds were gathering on the edges of the horizon but we still baked under the clear blue of the sky directly over our heads. Walking through the forest of ponderosa pine and cedar I started to notice a distinct smell that would hit me every so often, almost like kaffir lime leaves. What was an essential ingredient of Thai food doing out here? Finally, when I smelled the scent again I stopped and looked all around me, making note of any different plants that might be nearby. To my right was a low tree with gnarled bark and pointed, needle-like leaves. Silver-green berries grew in clusters between the leaves. I took a step closer, realizing the kaffir smell came from this tree. A juniper. I never would have guessed the two smells would be so similar except through this accidental discovery.

Photo by Becca Tarnas
Photo by Becca Tarnas

Passing under the eaves of this sparse forest we walked out into an open meadow, a long, snaking expanse of shrub-covered ground that formed a valley between two wooded hills. Gazing overhead we saw a hawk soaring, a local inhabitant my friend recognized because of the distinctive missing feather she had in one of her wings. We climbed up one of the hills to look back down on the meadow we had just crossed. Directly opposite on the hill facing us, at a point not much higher than where we stood, the dark entrance of a cave was just visible between the trees. My friend speculated that this cave might be the home of the hawk that was still circling above us, although she was not sure.

Photo by Becca Tarnas
Photo by Becca Tarnas

After returning to downtown Santa Fe, I spent the rest of the afternoon on a quiet meander through the town’s streets, pausing at the stalls of artists and vendors, admiring the bright silver and turquoise that was a prominent theme of the jewelry for sale here. The clouds continued to gather in the sky, making their way towards the town, their dark underbellies heavy with rain. Finding myself in the grassy plaza I sat beneath a tree and took out my watercolors to begin painting a scene I had been holding in my mind since that morning.

The sunset that night was so brilliant—an explosion of bleeding vermillions and reds, rosy oranges and deep purples—that no photo could even begin to capture it. I sometimes wish I could bring a painting forth all in an instant, the colors pouring from my open imagination directly onto the page. But the exact wash of that particular sunset, the ways its unique colors flowed together and blended, is fading from my memory with as much certainty as it faded from that night sky.

Photo by Becca Tarnas
Photo by Becca Tarnas

In many ways I feel my time in New Mexico was like that sunset: so beautiful and profound, surprising and unexpected, a crescendo of connection and experience. Returning to the grey fogs of San Francisco felt a little like a shock, the stark white of the sky such a contrast to the desert colors I still held within me, memories like precious gems, each expressing different emotions through their dynamic colors. My astrological twin and I are two Sagittarians who walked together down a spiraling path of an eternally growing checklist of activities: from baking cookies and pumpkin pie to turning our toenails into artistic canvases; from sampling at a delicious gluten-free bakery to a morning of pampering at the spa; from astrological readings and healing massages to crafting beautiful gift collages; from deep conversations and gorgeous laughter to the freedom of just being utterly silly. So much of what happened during my week in New Mexico was so simple, an extended playdate between two sisters, butterfly twins who had somehow only recently met—at least in this lifetime.

Photo by Becca Tarnas
Collage for the Dusk Twin

Photo by Becca Tarnas
Collage for the Dawn Twin