Ode to the Linden Tree

From ancient times your bark did shine,
Silver sheen smothered by harsh weather,
While your drooping branches intertwine
Like lovers’ fingers laced together.
Two leaves you bear of different shape and size,
Some long and thin with paler hue,
Others wide and round like emerald eyes,
Together born in each spring anew.
O linden tree, under your merry boughs
Will sit the one who doth answers speak
And in others new yearnings arouse
To travel their paths and their destinies seek.

3 Replies to “Ode to the Linden Tree”

  1. Did you write this Becca? It is a lovely reflection indeed. Looking forward to hearing your recitation of it, should the G-d will it so.
    Allow me to share my rendition of O Fortuna with you; it may ignite in you a renewed desire for breathing soul into your poetry.
    Love & light,

      1. My constitution for poetry is rather queer to put it mildly Becca. For me it is not so much a mark of sophistication as it is a flight from the mundane. To receive what is ugly in this world and infuse it with all the marks of beauty… ah, the wild black hair that dangles down into my eyes, fills me with a passion to soar through the skies. As one who is gripped in the tangles of sin, your Ode to the Linden Tree pulls me up again. 😉

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