Bury me in my immanence,
These bones who hold me in,
Under flesh, underground,
Beneath gravity of skin.

What does it mean
To walk this Earth?
What does it mean
When these bodies come to birth?

Immersed in this flesh,
A mirror from below.
Songs echo from the deep
As the child learns to grow.

Each unfolding limb
A living fossil entwined:
The eye of the storm
In the whirlpools of the mind.

Stretch for the stars,
Bury your toes in the sand.
If I look in your eyes
Will you hold my hand?

What does it mean
To walk this Earth?
What does it mean
When these bodies come to birth?

Limber laughter enmeshed
In each step we take,
From these early paces
To final footpad ache.

Walk with me sister,
Walk with me son,
Tread this careful curve
Where multitude is One.

Sing with the clouds
As they cross the sky,
Breathe out all staleness
With a synchronized sigh.

I want to tread this path,
With you always by,
When we play, flow, and dance,
Hold council and cry.

What does it mean
To walk this Earth?
What does it mean
When these bodies come to birth?

Dance this Earth prayer
As long as we breathe,
Bury me in my immanence,
To find joy with all who grieve.

Earth and Sunrise

6 Replies to “Incarnation”

  1. As you have gathered by now, this insightful poem has hit home with me my dear Becca and thank you kindly for exercising the courage to allow the wisdom of the elders to flow ‘through’ you…

    In spite of myself, Miss Tarnas, I would also like to make a recommendation. Please consider writing a short post on how one might direct their studies as to becoming an Astrologer…

    The first question that may arise to consciousness is what kind of astrologer are you referring to my dear Youngman and do you mean Vedic, Predictive or Archetypal Astrology…

    I in turn would remain silent on the matter, trusting that you would keep an open-mind and consider even those who have yet to be born, who shall some day look to your introspection as to how one might begin their spiritual journey through the beautiful and rich symbolic language of Astrology…

    Keep up the good work; there’s not a hair on your head that goes without affecting the well being of us all…

    Kind regards,


  2. Wow, that is beautiful. I absolutely love it! Are you still writing? If not, why not? To have a great gift to be able to write so beautifully, so profoundly, so movingly– you shouldn’t let it go to waste.

    I read somewhere that 20 minutes before and after sunrise and sunset are very creative times to write, also anytime there’s a void moon. I have written some good poems during these ‘creative windows’ so I can definitely vouch for them but since I write regularly I find its usually not needed. But they have definitely helped when I was experiencing a dry spell or had a bit of writer’s block.

    What has been very effective for me is preprogramming the unconscious. Its very simply really–you tell yourself that you’re going to write a terrific poem about such and such and tell yourself that repeatedly over a period of a few days, and then sure enough out comes this great poem on exactly that theme. Its a real eye opener when it happens. It also helps to build trust in your creative process and abilities, because even after you write a great poem the very next day you can feel like its never going to happen again (LOL). I’m laughing because its such a silly thing to think especially if you’ve got talent (which I do), and you wonder where this fear comes from, but it does happen and really the best thing to do when that does happen is use it as fuel to spur you to write even more. And yes that determination to write does pay off, trust me.

    Would really love to see more poems from you.


    P.S. Your other poems here are great as well, but I like this one best.

    1. Thank you Bill, I’m glad you enjoyed my poetry. I am still writing but I write far more prose than poetry (as you can see on this website). Still, there are days when the poetic will better express what I wish to say than any other medium. And I know what you mean about that cycle of creativity and crisis, inspiration and doubt. I suppose it’s what keeps us going and continuously striving, while keeping us humble at the same time.

  3. I understand completely Becca. You’re in school and you’re working on a Phd and your time is limited, but I do sincerely hope that you continue your journey in the high art of poetry because your talent is undeniable.

    I’m also a poet and I’m always very excited when I come across poetry that really stirs my soul. Your poems do that.

    P.S. Wouldn’t it be great if someone published The Collected Poems of J.R.R. Tolkien?

    1. It would indeed be great if someone published Tolkien’s poems in one volume. His poetry has certainly been an inspiration for me. And thank you for the encouragement to continue writing poetry. I’ll be sure to return to it again one of these days.

      1. Well you’re very welcome. Us artists have to stick together and be supportive of one another and I hope you do continue to paint and write stories as well as the poetry because you’re talented in all of these things

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