Phenomenology of Astrology

This phenomenological exploration, originally written in December 2013, was published in the Fall 2016 issue of Immanence: The Journal of Applied Mythology, Legend, and Folktale.

Prologue: Cosmos in Ellipsis

As I climb higher up the gray switchback staircase of rickety wooden boards my body tenses with the increasing height, even as my mind knows I am safe, that the stairs beneath my feet will support me. Already present is that indescribable bodily sense, that physical intuition that seems only able to be captured wordlessly, by something as unarticulated as an ellipsis. . .I step out onto the gravel of the roof to be met by the sight of the flaming orb of the setting Sun. This closest of stars burns the clarity from the landscape, blurring the features of the horizon line being pulled toward it: hill, forest, and stretch of ocean I can only perceive in memory as the deepening gold of sunset shatters my sight into uncountable, undifferentiable monads of color.

Setting Sun

To read the rest of this article please see: “Phenomenology of Astrology.”

4 Replies to “Phenomenology of Astrology”

  1. I googled, “[ phenomenology and astrology ],” and found this peice. Very nice…: )

    I can easily relate to the “elipsis” sensation/intuition. Having no previous experience of these things, at twenty, alone late at night, I saw what I now know to be Jupiter, thought it perhaps a star, and reached with a pointing finger as if to very carefully touch it…time stopped, the notion of distance seemed meaningless, non-existent…”Don’t worry, everything will be alright.” was the wordless ‘communication’…I was never the same again…awesome!…: )

    The rooftop/lover’s eye’s sensation…definitely comes from the amygdala, after experiencing Robert Sapolsky….: )


  2. Hi Becca, I’d like to read your essay but the Immanence journal appears to be defunct. Is there another way for me to access and read it?

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