J.R.R. Tolkien’s Poem “Mythopoeia” Recited by Becca Tarnas 

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  1. Well read Becca: I didnt know he wrote poetry! Ive a short talk about Keats on my blog. 😉

  2. jj256144

     /  July 2, 2015

    Enjoyed hearing this! What is the image used in the video?

    • The image was done by Alan Lee, a prominent Tolkien illustrator. The image is of when the Elves first awaken in Middle-Earth by the shores of Cuiviénen.

  3. patrickkidd

     /  July 7, 2015

    The (mental) image of the elves discovering the earth and naming its contents under starlight is my favorite in all of his stories. So great job with the video thumbnail selection! I also wasn’t aware of this poem, thank you.

  4. ANJIiN

     /  July 20, 2015

    An opin road I’ve golden toads that seem to stair from youth 2 old. Jung gave it a home. Tolkien wanted the ring. Boeth

  1. The City of Dreaming Spires | Becca Psyche Tarnas

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