The Astrology Podcast

A dream came true for me this week when I had the opportunity to be a guest on Chris Brennan’s The Astrology Podcast. We ranged through a variety of topics, beginning with my background in archetypal astrology and what it is like to be a second generation astrologer, before picking up the topics of the Archai journal, why C.G. Jung’s Red Book is important and relevant to astrologers, and the connection between outer planetary cycles and the unfolding dynamics of world events.

To listen to the episode: Becca Tarnas in Outer Planet Cycles and Jung’s Red Book

I am deeply grateful to Chris Brennan for the invitation to converse with him on one of my favorite podcasts!

4 Replies to “The Astrology Podcast”

  1. This was an excellent interview and exchange between you and Chris, Becca. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to your wide-ranging discussion, especially the opportunity to check in on the waxing square, opposition, and waning square of the current Saturn/Pluto conjunction. It left me pondering my age at those points in time and what might be wanting to happen in my life–provided I am still living!

  2. Hi Becca, fascinated by your depth on these subjects and your synchronisation work.
    A possible factor in Jungs Red Book not being released by his family could have been the hurt it may have caused his family that this work was created in alliance with Toni Wolf, his relationship with whom would be recognised by society as an extramarital affair.
    This would likely have caused shame and resentment in his family.
    Best regards

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