Jung’s Participatory Imagination

This Sunday, August 30 I will be offering an online presentation for the Carl Jung Depth Psychology Reading Group. The presentation is titled “The Participatory Imagination,” and is based upon the chapter I wrote for the fourth volume of Jung’s Red Book for Our Time: Searching for Soul Under Postmodern Conditions, edited by Murray Stein and Thomas Arzt.

In this talk I will speak about Jung’s Red Book, and how the active imagination fantasies Jung experienced can be understood as a co-creation of the human faculty of imagination in participatory relationship with the archetypes of the collective unconscious. These are ideas that arose while I was writing my dissertation, and while they have implicitly informed many of my presentations and classes, this is the first time I am giving a lecture entirely devoted to this topic! After the presentation we will have time for questions and dialogue.

For those unable to attend the live event, the recording is now available:

12 Replies to “Jung’s Participatory Imagination”

      1. Thank you. I am going to share your post as I have friends and colleagues who may find this incredibly interesting as well.

        May I include a link to your blog on my weekly “Serendipity Itinerary” post series that goes out this evening?

  1. Becca,
    You made a wonderful presentation on a vast topic with fluid fluency and clarity. I’m pleased that I was able to attend, and I look forward to further.

    p.s. Your presentation also keyed me in to Skip Conover’s High Priestess webinar, and he provided a link to your talk of same from the evening before. I have that scheduled for an evening listen later this week. I’m really happy to have found what feels like a wonderful group of people who work with topics near and dear to my own work.

      1. Yes, this was a real treasure of a find, especially the Archetypal Cosmology. The larger connections to others provided an excellent starting point, and I look forward to becoming more involved in the community. Serendipity was present as well. I was looking at Pacifica’s programs 2 years ago, so I’ve finally gotten the round tuit.

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