Transits for the Capricorn-Aquarius Lunation

As we enter the first lunation of the new year, the transits could not be more potent, complex, and dynamically volatile. The primary planetary alignments of this time are the lingering Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto triple conjunction, which dominated the skies throughout the transformational year of 2020, and the quickly tightening square of Jupiter-Saturn to Mars-Uranus. A heightened sense of rapid change, restless rebellion, and unpredictable breakdown of old structures is currently rattling the collective zeitgeist. Time may feel as though it is accelerating as contradictory energies pull the tension of the opposites to intensified extremes.

As we withstand the onslaught of eruptive energies, it is important to attune ourselves to how we might consciously participate in the most life-enhancing ways with these complex archetypal principles. When anger or fear grips us, where do we turn to transmute and express these energies? What practices can support us in cultivating healthy relationships with the planetary archetypes? How can we incarnate a harmonious world in the midst of this cosmic cataclysm that is driving our collective evolution of consciousness?

May these short transit updates provide you with some guidance throughout this lunation cycle. I recommend printing out a copy and affixing it near your calendar, your desk, your bed, or your altar, so you can check in each morning and evening to see what the day and night hold in store. These transit updates can be used to plan your day, week, or month ahead, and also in retrospect to reflect and even journal about how these archetypal powers have unfolded in your personal life.

Transits of the Capricorn-Aquarius Lunation

*January 12 @ 9:00 pm PT* The New Moon in Capricorn conjunct Pluto comes in the midst of an intensely potent set of transits: Mercury aligned with the Jupiter-Uranus square, Mars making its final square to Saturn, and Venus forming an earthy trine to Uranus. Amidst the transmutational turmoil, new breakthrough ideas can be implemented with rigor and discipline, while awakening to how the practical can also be beautiful allows for more intelligent design to flourish.

*January 14 @ 6:19 am PT* The Sun in Capricorn conjoins Pluto, bringing the dramatic descent of the Solar hero—both the inflated ego and the radiant self—into the broiling pits of the underworld. Confront the dragon, face the shadow, extinguish the lights, and burn with newfound brightness in the dark. Uranus also turns direct in Taurus, carrying forward the impulse for rebellion, revolution, and change.

*January 16 @ 9:02 am PT* The Moon in Pisces touches the midpoint between Venus trine Mars-Uranus, which may bring some relational softening to the explosive fervor of combative energies. However, these gentle soft aspects from the Moon and Venus may not be cooling enough to temper or quell the flames.

*January 17 @ 6:19 am PT* Jupiter in Capricorn forms an exact square to Uranus in Taurus, a transit which entered the orb of influence in December—although it did linger within 10° in April and May 2020. Radical breakthrough and sudden revolutionary change are amplified and uplifted, however, with Saturn in close range the powers of constraint, restriction, and reason bring a sense of reality to more rash, puerile tendencies. Jupiter-Uranus brings both the awakened impulse for overturning the status quo, and the sigh of relief at the unexpected blessing.

*January 19 @ 12:40 pm PT* The Sun ingresses into Aquarius, forming a stellium with Pluto in late Capricorn and Saturn and Jupiter in early Aquarius. The change of signs brings a fresh gust of new airy energy, yet the Sun’s planetary aspects highlight the lingering realities of this past year when the Capricorn stellium dominated the skies and the world was swept up into an ongoing crisis.

*January 20 @ 1:02 pm PT* Mars and Uranus come into exact alignment in Taurus just as the waxing quarter Moon in the same sign forms a triple conjunction with the two volatile planets and squares off to the Sun in early Aquarius. The zeitgeist could not be more explosive, with Uranus radically igniting Mars’ ire and tendency for violence, and the square between the luminaries activating the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto stellium that still has more of its story to tell. The world is caught in a vice grip and the lit fuse is burning towards more fuel, but we hold the potential to rebel against violence and allow justice and balance to prevail. 

*January 22 @ 11:49 pm PT* Mars in Taurus forms its final square to Jupiter in Aquarius, enflaming peppery confidence, bravado, and swagger. Good sportsmanship and healthy competition may prevail, but there is just as much potential for anger and even violence to become inflated and enlarged beyond reasonable proportion. Step confidently, but also with respect and care…

*January 23 @ 7:01 pm PT* The Sun in Aquarius conjoins Saturn, while Venus in Capricorn sextiles Neptune in Pisces. Hard realities and concrete truths, consequences and judgements, finality, endings, and the death spiral of the ego—Saturn’s painful foot comes down, although the dreamy romantic pall of Venus-Neptune may offer some soft soothing, if not a beautiful escapist delusion.

*January 26 @ 4:48 am PT* The Sun in Aquarius squares Uranus in Taurus, further unleashing restless impulses for radical change, while Saturn still in alignment with the Sun, Jupiter, and Uranus pulls back on the reins to bring restraint wherever it can.

*January 28 @ 11:16 am PT* The Full Moon in Leo opposes the Sun-Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius, just as Venus conjoins Pluto in Capricorn. Exuberant and joyful light blossoms in winter’s darkness, the lunar lion roaring grandly, while the hearts beats molten red blood that pulses with intensified desire.

*January 30 @ 7:52 am PT* Mercury in Aquarius turns retrograde and will traverse back through Saturn’s airy winter sign, thoughts whistling like cold wind in swirling patterns doubling back to retrieve what was forgotten, lost, misplaced, misunderstood, and misinterpreted. Cultivate the meditative mind, lest you find your thoughts scattered like pages of a half-written novel released unexpectedly on the wind.

*February 1 @ 6:05 am PT* The Sun in Aquarius forms a square to Mars in Taurus, while Venus ingresses into Aquarius to join the lineup of Saturn, Jupiter, the Sun, and retrograde Mercury. Having so many planets in the sign of the water bearer reminds us each to carry our own spiritual burdens, rather than turning to external heroes or saviors, while the square of the Sun to Mars emphasizes how these energies must be put into tangible action.

*February 4 @ 9:37 am PT* The waning quarter Moon in Scorpio squares the Sun and Jupiter in Aquarius, while also forming a T-square with Mars in Taurus. The fixed signs are strongly activated and will likely be felt most in the emotional body, the home, and one’s family dynamics. Sweep out the old volatile energies by giving the house a good scrub, directing your fervor into caretaking and nurturing service for self and others.

*February 6 @ 7:33 pm PT* Venus conjoins Saturn in Aquarius in the earliest hours of the morning, before squaring Uranus in Taurus in the evening. The loving heart may feel caught between the impulse for security and the desire for change and novelty, while aesthetic expressions might bridge between classical beauty and eclectic and unique taste.

*February 8 @ 5:48 am PT* The Sun conjoins retrograde Mercury in Aquarius, emphasizing the need to speak clearly and perhaps even repeatedly so as best to be understood, and to clarify information and ideas whenever necessary.

*February 10 @ 4:16 am PT* Mercury in Aquarius squares Mars in Taurus, just as the Aquarius Moon conjoins Saturn, squares Uranus, and conjoins Venus and Jupiter in succession. Mercury-Mars can easily lead to a heated argument or debate, and the Moon’s impressionable state could lead to emotional withdrawal, outburst, or even heartbreak. Tread lightly, and find words to express one’s genuine feelings that do not cut like bitter swords.

*February 11 @ 11:06 am PT* The New Moon in Aquarius occurs simultaneously with the exact Venus-Jupiter conjunction in the same sign. A dazzling array of celestial bodies graces the sign of the water bearer, spanning from Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, and finally the Sun and Moon in their monthly coniunctio. A new cycle begins under the auspices of expansive and generous love, rich indulgence and luxurious opulence, and a celebration of the beautiful and complex artistry of life.

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  1. Thanks, Becca. It’s great to have your thoughtful rendering of the transits for the current lunar synodic month. I’ve printed a copy to have at my desk.

    All the best to you for the big month ahead 🙂

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