Autumn: An Ecological Children’s Story

Children are often attuned to many aspects of the world to which adults are no longer receptive. Our current youth are growing up in a world of ecological crisis, and as they grow older they will have the power to make the changes necessary to keep the Earth habitable for us and all other organisms. This book is dedicated to those children, to inspire their love of the Earth and their ability to work on her behalf.

This picture book tells the story of one little girl named Autumn who has the ability to listen to the Earth itself. She loves the sounds of the land, the water and the wind, the songs of the woodland birds, the whispers of the trees. One night, in a dream, she is taken on a journey by a magnificent woman who brings her to speak with a whale, an eagle, a polar bear, and the rainforest. Each animal she meets tells her his or her tale, and how they are being affected by changes in their ecosystems. They each ask that Autumn share their stories with others. Upon her return Autumn discovers why she was chosen for this task and the identity of the woman guiding her.      

The End.

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  1. Hi Becca, I just found out about you via a post on your dad’s Facebook page. I’ve been following Rick’s (and also Brian Swimme’s) work for many years and taught a course on The Passion of the Western Mind at Naropa. I taught deep ecology and ecopsychology at Naropa, so I recognize the Council of All Beings idea in your Autumn story. I’ve facilitated a number of Councils of All Beings, and I love the magic of that process. (I’m assuming you know what I’m talking about. You probably know Joanna Macy?)

    I’m very interested in your creative and your academic work, as it corresponds closely with my own path, and takes it further. My undergrad major was Comparative Lit. with a focus on English and German Romantic poets. During the summers between years at college, I worked in the High Country of Yosemite and climbed mountains. But all that was during the wild 1960’s. You can read about how my life unfolded and who I am in the About section of my website.

    I have no children, but if I had a daughter, I’d be very proud if she were like you. So I wanted to introduce myself, so you’ll know who I am when I comment on and ‘like’ your work on your site. It’s lovely.

    • Dear Suzanne,

      Thank you so much for your kind words and for reaching out to me, I had the opportunity to look at your website, which was very interesting, and I hope to explore it more. There are many things you have done in your life that I aspire to.

      Your perceiving the Council of All Beings in my story of Autumn is actually more of a beautiful coincidence, because although I am aware of the idea now, and certainly of Joanna Macy’s work, at the time when I wrote and illustrated Autumn in my last semester of college I was not familiar with her work at all and knew of her in name only. The story took on a life of its own though as it was being created, so I have no doubt that the Council of All Beings is represented in it, even though at the time I had no awareness of it.

      I am truly honored by your last words in your comment and hope to continue doing work you might be proud of. Thank you for introducing yourself, and may our paths cross at some point in the future!


  2. Wonderful story and illustration. Greetings from down under in Indonesia 🙂

  1. Art Exhibit at CIIS « Becca Psyche Tarnas

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