Talking The Lord of the Rings on Rune Soup

Gordon White, the fantastic host of Rune Soup, kindly invited me back on his podcast to discuss the practice of active imagination and J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. It was such a pleasure to drop back into conversation together two and a half years later, and to see how my research has evolved since my first interview with him back in 2016! The podcast is available for download or can be listened to directly below.


6 Replies to “Talking The Lord of the Rings on Rune Soup”

  1. What a great talk, congrats on being a Doctor. The journey between worlds is fascinating to say the least and I just love this conversation…..
    I would love to do the course you are offering.

      1. Hi Becca,
        Was there a specific version we need to buy of the LoR?
        And if I can’t make the live recordings they’d be available also? Thank you 😊 Angela

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