Saturn-Pluto: An Astrological Panel Talk

The archetypal qualities of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction dominating our heavens is correlating in ever-more critical ways with events unfolding on our planet, especially this week as the alignment approaches exact conjunction, perfecting for the first time on January 12. How do we navigate this time? In what ways can we find ground, strength, and stability when weathering the storm and facing the shadow?

I am truly honored to be participating on a panel of astrologers hosted by the Nightlight Astrology School to discuss this intensely potent alignment. The Saturn-Pluto Astrological Panel will feature Samuel Reynolds, Jason Holley, Gray Crawford, Rebecca Gordon, Patrick Watson, Leisa Schaim, and our host, Acyuta-bhava (Adam Elenbaas).

Description from the Nightlight Astrology School

Join us for a star-studded astrology panel discussion on the meaning of the upcoming conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in the sign of Capricorn, this January 12th. For many who study astrology, this relatively rare transit (occurring once every 33–38 years) has a reputation for being ominous and anxiety-provoking, and for some very good reasons. However, the focus of our panel discussion will be to present the deeper symbolic meaning of Saturn and Pluto’s conjunction alongside a variety of constructive suggestions for how to make this encounter a more soulful experience. We will also be taking live questions and answers from the audience and hope to generate a meaningful discussion in the midst of what for many are challenging times! 


6 Replies to “Saturn-Pluto: An Astrological Panel Talk”

  1. Can you recommend a good book on astrology that beginners can easily understand? And please write more about the unfolding of 2020 🙂 my feeling is that this year is a great turning point. But I have no knowledge about astrology and see it with the eye of the heart.

    May the divine blessings rain down on you this year!

    1. Mark, it really depends what kind of book on astrology you want, but I would probably recommend Cosmos and Psyche: Intimations of a New World View by Richard Tarnas (who is my father) for an introduction to those new to astrology. It is a very large book, written in an accessible but academic style, so those are factors to keep in mind. But it will certainly provide a good introduction!

      This video by Chris Brennan also offers some great suggestions!

      I’ve been speaking a lot about 2020 on podcasts, but haven’t been able to write as much at this point. These two podcasts might be the most relevant:

      Astrology Hub Podcast:

      Rune Soup:

      1. Thanks a lot! I will read “Cosmos and Psyche”. Your father’s book looks very promising. In my words, this year is a time of tawba, turning of the heart. As soon as the heart is ready to turn around – from confusion to clarity, from sin to virtue, from sleep to wakefulness, from ignorance to knowledge, from foolishness to wisdom – divine compassion, forgiveness and guidance begins to work. God’s Mercy is always open to each of us. This is the time of tauba.

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