Transits for the Aquarius-Pisces Lunation

The lunation cycle begins with six celestial bodies—the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn—aligned in the sign of Aquarius, a potent stellium fusing together a wide array of archetypal energies. Polarities are constellated as the heart contracts and expands, and the mind explores widely before honing in on a concrete but ambitious vision.

The most significant alignment of the month is the first exact square of Saturn and Uranus, a major world transit that will be in the sky until 2023. Great tensions are at a breaking point as many opposites are constellated; the potential for sudden and unexpected crises arise and demand to be handled with both authority and innovation. The times cry out for structural change at every level of society, which will either come through careful and intentional revisioning or through irrecoverable cracks to the foundation that may lead to the crumbling of institutions that can no longer weather the tests of time. In such times we must each examine our instilled habits and assumptions, taking neither tradition nor revolution for the final answer but rather walking the knife’s edge between the old world and the new.

Transits of the Aquarius-Pisces Lunation

*February 11 @ 11:06 am PT* The New Moon in Aquarius occurs simultaneously with the exact Venus-Jupiter conjunction in the same sign. A dazzling array of celestial bodies graces the sign of the water bearer, spanning from Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, and finally the Sun and Moon in their monthly coniunctio. A new cycle begins under the auspices of expansive and generous love, rich indulgence and luxurious opulence, and a celebration of the beautiful and complex artistry of life.

*February 12 @ 11:48 pm PT* Retrograde Mercury and Venus conjoin in Aquarius, bringing sweetness and gentleness to conversation, honeyed communications, and perhaps even declarations of love. But be cautious of superficial talk, when shallow words block more genuine, heart-felt connection.

*February 13 @ 6:13 pm PT* Mars in Taurus sextiles Moon-Neptune in Pisces, drawing forth emotional sensitivities and relational permeability, with an edge of irritation and perhaps even passive aggressive response. The little jellyfish may have no spine, but beware its subtle sting. 

*February 14 @ 1:40 pm PT* Retrograde Mercury and Jupiter conjoin in Aquarius, leading to verbosity, pontification, and logorrhea. Extreme loquacity may arise in response to missed communications, creating the need for long-winded, wordy, and retroactive explanations.

*February 16 @ 4:17 pm PT* The Aries Moon sextiles the Sun in late Aquarius, after sweeping across the Saturn-Mercury-Jupiter-Venus stellium the previous day. The Moon subtly communicates the changing dynamics of the Aquarius stellium to the emotional body, bringing forth a sequence of expansion and contraction in communication and feeling all within the space of but two days.  

*February 17 @ 11:08 am PT* Saturn in Aquarius forms its first exact square to Uranus in Taurus, just as the Moon conjoins Uranus as well. The outer planetary alignment that will dominate the skies until 2023 brings the opposites together in dynamic tension: between tradition and innovation, between generations old and young, between conserving the past and reforming the future. Find flexibility, be not overly rigid, lest the lightning strike crack the stone walls that have stood for centuries. Awaken to responsibility, and envision structural change in every arena.

*February 18 @ 2:44 am PT* The Sun splashes into the mutable water sign of Pisces, submerging into the liquid dreamworld of fantastical visions and imaginal reveries. Winter’s snows begin to melt as consciousness dissolves the solid boundaries of reality.

*February 19 @ 10:47 am PT* The Moon in early Gemini forms its waxing square to the Sun in Pisces, just as Venus in Aquarius squares Mars in Taurus. The painted form leaps off the page into a dance of action, gracefully asserting the will to make life beautiful, initiating social connections amidst friction and competition.  

*February 20 @ 4:52 pm PT* Mercury turns direct in Aquarius as the Moon in Gemini forms a trine to Saturn, Mercury, and Jupiter in succession. Time to pause and deeply breathe in the sharp winter air, before gathering up the scattered leaves of thought, putting them in order, and moving forward with joy and pragmatic enthusiasm.

*February 24 @ 5:52 pm PT* Mars in Taurus forms an earth trine with Pluto in Capricorn, bellying forth intensified levels of energy and assertive will. Charge ferociously up the steep climb before you, trusting that you have the warrior’s will to transmute lingering feelings of shame into deep empowerment. But be cautious of burns given or received along the blistering path.

*February 25 @ 5:11 am PT* Venus ingresses into Pisces, the sign of her exaltation, soon followed by the Sun in Pisces sextiling Uranus in Taurus. Liberate the individuating self, following the call of one’s unique spark of brilliance, while allowing the heart to luxuriate in the exquisite gossamer waters of the dream realm.

*February 27 @ 12:17 am PT* The Virgo Full Moon opposes the Sun in Pisces in the heart of the dark night, Venus tinging the bright lunar hues with a beautiful, loving glow. The culminating Solar-Lunar polarity orients inwards into the boundaried container of the Virgin’s home, containing sweetness and love within the night sky’s cosmic dance.

*March 3 @ 7:30 pm PT* Mars strides into Gemini on the same day that Venus in Pisces forms a sextile to Uranus in Taurus, initiating a period of forceful dialogue and assertive communications, a quick-witted banter that sparks back and forth between new or unexpected relations.

*March 4 @ 7:27 pm PT* Mercury conjoins Jupiter in Aquarius once more, languidly lengthening sentences into long, drawling narratives that may exaggerate the truth or uplift the mind to greater and more expansive heights of insight.

*March 5 @ 5:30 pm PT* The Sagittarius Moon forms its waning square to the Sun in Pisces, bringing tension between the desire to expand through adventure and the impulse to diffuse softly into the introverted veils of a dreamy cocoon.

*March 10 @ 4:01 pm PT* The Sun conjoins Neptune in Pisces, while the Moon conjoins Jupiter and Mercury in Aquarius. The ego dissolves into utter translucency, the Solar self shimmering through the eternal waters of divine symbolism, while a panoply of emotions spill over the tongue, narratively spinning the tale of unification with the sacred whole.

*March 13 @ 2:21 am PT* The New Moon aligns in Pisces in a stellium with an exact Venus-Neptune conjunction, initiating a new lunation cycle in the midst of an exquisite, ethereal romantic fairy-story in which mermaids sweetly sing songs of sacred seduction and the wholeness of our being dissolves into the divine union of love.

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