The Astrology of Awakening II: Renewal of Hope

A Free 4-Day Online Astrology Summit

April 15 – 18, 2021

I am deeply honored to be offering my first ever keynote presentation at a conference, The Astrology of Awakening II: Renewal of Hope. This online astrology summit is a celebration of women astrologers who are bringing forward new perspectives of hope by drawing on the ancient wisdom of the astrological tradition.

My keynote presentation will take place on Thursday, April 15 at 10:00–11:30 pm Pacific time. The presentation is titled “Awakening to Responsibility” and will focus on the current Saturn-Uranus square alignment that is illuminating the skies through 2023:

At the U.S. Inauguration, Senator Amy Klobuchar stated that the January 6 insurrection “awakened us to our responsibility as Americans.” This statement reflects the archetypal principles of our current Saturn-Uranus square, in alignment from 2020 through 2023. Saturn is the principle of responsibility, commitment, discipline and order, but also of restriction, imprisonment, and authority; Uranus symbolizes freedom, rebellion, and liberation, as well as awakening and revelation. History demonstrates that these two contradictory archetypal principles create a zeitgeist in which sudden and unexpected crises can initiate the breakdown of traditional or oppressive structures, with the potential to bring revolutionary change into concrete structural form.

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