Spring Equinox Announcement

Blessings upon the Spring Equinox and the growing daylight in the Northern Hemisphere! 

For the last seven years, and especially the last four years since I completed my doctorate, I’ve been dividing my attention amongst many different projects, as I’ve been developing new courses, giving public presentations, recording podcasts, writing articles and transit updates, making forecast videos, and of course, giving astrology readings. I am so grateful for all of these experiences, but I’ve reached the stage in which I need to weave all my energies together and focus on a single, large project. 

My primary focus will now be on writing a book! I’ll continue my graduate school teaching, but I’ll be concentrating most of my energies on the research and writing of a book in a genre I have never undertaken before. I’m going to hold back on sharing the subject and title of the book until it is a little further along, but I’ll just say that it is such an honor to have been asked to write this book. 

Because of this new focus I will be spending less time on social media, and will be less likely to respond to messages and emails. This shift also means I am no longer taking new astrology clients. If I am unable to respond to you, please do not take it personally but know I am keeping focused on the task at hand. 

I wish you all the best in your own burgeoning springtime endeavors! May we all learn how to cultivate creativity, even—and especially—in times of upheaval, challenge, and uncertainty. Perhaps these are the moments when the soil is most fertile for growth. 

6 Replies to “Spring Equinox Announcement”

  1. Very exciting! I just discovered your work recently via interviews with Miguel Conner. I immediately got and read “Journey to the Imaginal Realm” and loved it. I look forward to learning more from you!!

  2. Dear Becca, So pleased to feel your enthusiasm as you embark on a new & challenging chapter. May you harness all the superlative creative powers that you possess while crafting what is sure to be a enriching, insightful, & magical gift to many. Creativity is the Mystery of Freedom.

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