Defining Archetypal Astrology

This short clip filmed by Susan Hess Logeais for her film on Stanislav Grof, The Way of the Psychonaut, is my attempt to define what an archetype is and how it relates to astrology, in the context of the philosophical and psychological lineages informing the archetypal perspective.

4 Replies to “Defining Archetypal Astrology”

  1. What an amazing video! From the warmth of the audio, to the depth of field, to the way you emanated your energy and understanding, it all came together ever so beautifully; thank you Becca for exercising the necessary courage and courtesy to share such illuminating light.

    My question may be a little far out, so please ignore it if you feel it holds no significance to your presentation. As you are aware there are a number of stars with orbiting planets out there. For instance NASA has confirmed nearly a hundred within our vicinity alone. You may have also noticed that these planets are spherical like ours, rather than triangular or square like. So based on this we might infer that the evolution of planets contain some similar development; i.e. it is not arbitrary or random, for if it was we would be looking at various geometrical shapes instead of the same old spherical/oval shaped planet. Therefore in a sense what we see out there is both the ‘eternal’ and ‘evolving’ aspect of an archetype, yes! Eternal in that stars keep giving birth to spherical planets and evolving because sometimes it will spit out asteroids that are inclined to give planets a facelift; like the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs some 65 million years ago that indirectly allowed us to evolve into the sentient beings that we are today. In other words, what I’m trying to ask you in a roundabout way is this: What can we observe outside of our planetary system that might lend weight to the notion of an archetype?

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